Sunday, February 26, 2006


Slow Food Forum newsletter

FYI from Kurt Friese, Slow Food Iowa, with encouragement to join & participate in the Slow Food Forums.


Date: Feb 26, 2006 12:03 PM
Subject: Slow Food Newletter Occasional Newsletter

Hello, Slow Food Forum Member

This is the first newsletter ever sent to the entire 1,333 members of Please forgive and inform me of glitches, if you find any. It’s very brief, and here only to make you aware of a few important points.

1) The forum has some great conversations going on right now, and they need your input too! The Food Politics forum ( is very active with conversations about banning sustainable poultry, and the pending National Animal Identification System. The Slow Surfer forum has loads of great links, including to every Slow Food related site in the US and most throughout the world.
2) An important clarification for a few of you is that joining the forum does not mean you’ve joined the Slow Food Movement. We fervently hope you will though! You can join Slow Food at
3) Also at that site, you can learn about how to nominate delegates to this year’s Terra Madre World Gathering of Food Communities (even nominate yourself!). Learn more at
4) Some of you joined the forum and never posted. Why is that? Please come and participate in the Internet’s only SFUSA-sanctioned online community. It’s a great communication tool, useful for fun and learning

I look forward to seeing you all online!


Kurt M Friese
System Administrator


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