Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Slow Food Vancouver website

Check out the Slow Food Vancouver site, which appears to be maintained as a team blog.
update: I contacted Theresa Lafleche, Slow Food Vancouver's webmaster, who explained that the site's content is maintained using ExpressionEngine by pMachine ( See comments below for more details.


Dear Theresa:

Thanks for the reply; I will take a look at the ExpressionEngine site.
Do you use this license only for the convivium?

FWIW, I have Macromedia Dreamweaver available at work, so used that
for the initial build & subsequent updates. I make occasional minor
tweaks from home with plain html. It would be nice to have a system
like yours that allowed the key players to publish their content
directly to the site. I'm not sure we would want to spend the money
at this point, though, so am also exploring free solutions such as a
team blog. There's a rough test underway at; this uses the Blogger
interface but is published to our site rather than

Once again, many thanks, & congratulations for doing such a fine job
with the Slow Food Vancouver site. I'll share this with our leadership
team & get back to you if there are more questions. Best wishes & bon

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On 5/31/05, Theresa Lafleche wrote:
> Thanks for your message, Andrew, and I apologize for my delayed reply. I
> was out of town until a few days ago. I am happy to talk about our site
> with you further. We use ExpressionEngine by pMachine
> ( to manage our content. I set up
> accounts for our authors and define people's level of access, so they can
> publish themselves. That said, many of our contributors prefer to send
> their articles to me to publish.
> Please let me know how I can provide any additional assistance. Flattery
> gets you everywhere! ;-)
> Cheers,
> Theresa
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> From: Andrew Bonamici []
> Sent: May 24, 2005 5:24 PM
> To:
> Cc: Andrew Bonamici
> Subject: slow food vancouver website
> Dear Theresa:
> Beautiful job! I hope you don't mind, but I posted a link to your site
> from the Slow Food USA PNW Forum at
> I maintain the Slow Food Eugene site, which is very basic:
> Right now, the convivium's communication is e-mail based, including
> newsletter distribution via MS-Word file attachments. I'm hoping to
> get our leadership generating more dynamic content, and your site is a
> good example of how up-to-date content makes the site much more
> compelling. Do you have a blog interface behind the scenes that makes
> it easy for your team to publish directly, or do they send their
> entries to you, or?
> Again, congratulations on a job well done, and thanks for any tips.
> Best,
> Andrew Bonamici
> Eugene OR
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